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You will need to provide the following information to open an electricity account with Glow Power.

  • Your address or an NMI (national meter identifier) would be better for electricity. If you’re renting, you can get these from the previous occupant, landlord or estate agent.
  • Your name, and date of birth are absolutely crucial. Our agents may also ask for a form of ID to verify who you are. 
  • Please note that all new customers must sign up for Direct Debit.

Switching timings vary between customers, as some parts of the switch are reliant on other parties. We will trigger out a welcome pack to you no later than 48 hours after you have provided your consent and in many instances straight away depending on your mode of switch. To find out where you are at any stage you can contact us through our call centre. Generally the process should take no longer than 6 weeks. What is important is that you just have to sit back and let us take care of everything for you. You will receive a transfer letter once you have completed your switch to us. This will have your account number with us. You will receive one more bill from your current retail also.

No. We do not organise any ‘switch off’ or ‘switch on’ while transferring you across. Your supply will not be disrupted as a part of this process.

Smart meters are the next generation electricity meters which use digital technology and provides customers and suppliers with accurate information on energy usage throughout the day.

They can also communicate directly with energy suppliers thereby eliminating the need for staff to visit homes to read the meter. They do this by sending out a signal, rather like a mobile-phone signal, which delivers the meter reading straight to the energy supplier. Smart meters send accurate information through to the power company, eliminating the need to make estimates.

Smart meters can hold historical information about past energy use so that customers can compare their present level of energy consumption with past usage. This, in turn, enables customers to save money by reducing their household energy bill.

We want our customers to be up to date with all the latest offerings. Unlike other suppliers if we bring out a new product we are happy for customers to switch across to it at any time without incurring an early termination fee. Please note your term will restart when you give your consent to change products. Please note that some products have different eligibility rules such as Direct Debit payment terms and fixed contract periods.

All Glowpower plans are billed monthly.

If you do not have a smart meter we rely on estimates of your meter to bill you monthly. Whenever an actual reading comes we will use this to bill you. If you are unhappy with the readings that your bill is based upon you can read your meter at anytime and submit your readings to us with the following options –

To understand how to read your meters please go here.

All Glowpower plans require a form of Direct Debit from a bank account or credit card. Please see individual plans for further details.

Please click here to redirect to chose our plan and pricing 

As a default option Glowpower will take your Direct Debit payment on the due date of your bill. If your payment is due on a weekend or public holiday then the Direct Debit will occur on the next business day following your due date. If you are flagged for a level pay type arrangement your Direct Debit will be taken out at the agreed frequency specified in your plan details.

We are here to help. Firstly please contact us via you’re My Account, email or through our customer service team at the earliest opportunity. We require 3 business days notice to stop any scheduled Direct Debit amount being taken. We can ensure that your direct debit transaction is not taken to ensure you avoid any dishonour fees. Also if you are having difficulties making payments we can help you with a payment arrangement or other options to assist manage your essential service.

We sure do. As soon as you advise us that you may have a life support machine we will notify your network provider at the earliest opportunity. We will also send you a life support form that you can fill in with your medical practitioner to send back to us as soon as possible so you can be eligible for any concessions that are relevant to your life support.

You will need to close your account at your current property by organising a final reading or disconnection so we can send you an final invoice for your usage at this property. We will also require your NMI or address to set up a new account for you for your new property. Please note that if we do not receive a final meter read for your old property you will continue to be billed by us for usage at your old property.

Your bill is due for payment 14 days after it is issued. It’s important that you pay your bill within this time to prevent your supply being disconnected.

For any network fault or outage related emergency please contact your local network provider 24-hour Emergency line. The number of your specific network provider will be located on your energy bill. They are responsible for operating and maintaining the electricity network no matter which retailer you are with.

If you have a health care card or pension card please do not hesitate to mention this when you sign up or by contacting us through our call centre, email or use of your customer portal.

How to read your meter ? 
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